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KYC Procedure

Why is KYC important?

Security and sensitive data is one of our top priorities; safety and privacy of our customers are of utmost importance for us as this is where the trust of our clients is put. Our KYC procedure is there exactly for this. Through this procedure your personal details and data are kept safe from fraud, theft, terrorist backing and any other kind of malevolent activity, digital or not. Our safe environment is, together with our top-notch support service, one of our prides.

KYC stands for ‘Know Your Client’ and it is a procedure widely used in the financial industry and accepted as a standard and well recognized process. What matters to you is that following few very simple steps you will be sure to get the maximum protection possible and complete the registration with Markets Pilot, and be ready to trade right away.
After registering with us you will have three days to send us the documents requested, and this is mandatory to be able to start trading with Markets Pilot. Failing to fulfill this requirement will results in your account being frozen, trading blocked together with any pending withdrawal.

How do I verify My Account?

Here below are all the steps needed for you to verify your account with Markets Pilot. If you have any question about the process please get in touch with our support team.

What documents do I need?

Most of the documents shown here below are needed in full color to be accepted for the verification process. Also note that the documents are needed in their entirety, so you cannot crop or cut them in any way, the edges should be all included as well as sides, and back side. Black and white formats will not be accepted.

Email attachments shouldn’t be above 5MB and the format allowed are the following: PDF, PNG and JPG.

Please send one document for each of the following types:


Valid Passport/ Government Issued ID / Driver’s License –
This document must be in full colors while showing all the corners and be both front and back
The picture should be well visible as well as the date of birth.


Utility Bill / Bank Statement –
For this one a black and white copy is also acceptable. It must contain:
Account holder’s full name, mail address (complete) and the date of issue of the bill.
The document shouldn’t be older than 3 months, counting from the first deposit of the customer with MarketsPilot.


Credit Card / Debit Card –
The Credit/debit card should be in full color showing the four corners and both sides.

These details must be clearly readable:

  • Front of the card must show the first 6 and the last 4 digits. (please cover the other numbers)
  • Expiration date
  • Full name and surname of the owner of the credit card
  • Signature on the flip side

Remember to hide the CVV numbers on the back.


DOD (Declaration of Deposits) –
This document will be sent to you after your first deposit. It is basically a list of the deposits that you executed with Markets Pilot. Please sign beside each and every deposit; this is needed to verify every single deposit. Fill the form and sign it, then send it to us. Signature should be handwritten, typed ones are not acceptable.


Bonus Terms and Conditions –
This document will be sent to you in case you choose to take part in our promotions about bonuses. Sign the document and send it to us, again, typed signatures are not accepted, only handwritten.

Should you have any question regarding any part of this process please contact us via phone, mail or live chat. You can also send us an email at